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7 Strategies to Becoming an Investor

A snapshot of how I was able to go from $1 mil in debt to a $15 mil rental portfolio all while running a successful real estate business.

Why The Limitless Project?

Are you tired of working your ass off with not much to show for it? Do you feel like your energy, resources and time are completely maxed out?

I’ve been in your shoes before. At one point, I felt like my career had plateaued. I didn’t know how break through the ceiling I felt like I was stuck underneath.

Too many of us try to play the real estate game alone. When I started to accept the idea of having a community around me, I began seeing the change I desperately wanted.

I was able to pull myself out of $1 million of debt, high stress, low motivation and the feeling that I couldn’t take my business any further than I already had. I now manage over 300 properties and have a portfolio that’s worth $15 million dollars.

Over the course of my career, mentoring others and helping them succeed has become one of my passions. That’s why I decided to start The Limitless Project. This exclusive 12-week course is designed to push you beyond the limits you’ve put on yourself in your real estate career.

With The Limitless Project, you’ll learn the business secrets and strategies I discovered the hard way that helped me get the life I had always dreamed of. Receive the mentorship and guidance you need to achieve the goals others have told you aren’t within reach.

It’s time to make your dreams a reality. It’s time to live without limits!

Project Details

Introductory Group Dinner

You and the 24 other course members will be joining me for a group dinner where we’ll learn more about each other.

Mentoring Sessions

Weekly live video sessions with your Limitless community members and me where we will discuss your goals and plan out how to achieve them.

The 8-Week Course

Entry to my 8-week course that focuses on how to push your personal limits and excel in your business.

  • Limitless Opportunities Mindset
  • Develop Your Investment Strategy and Goals
  • Ideal Investment Opportunities
  • How to Find and Create Opportunities
  • Cash VS. Leverage
  • Implementation of Creative Solutions
  • Contractors, Crews, and Renovations (featuring Wende Valentine)
  • Determining – Keep It, List It, Flip It
  • What Systems Do you Really Need in Place and Where
  • Adding Acquisitions to Your Business
  • Adding Wealthbuilding Realtor/Partner to Your Team

Facebook Community

An exclusive Facebook group only for Limitless Project members, where we will discuss progress and any hang ups holding us back.

Resource Library

Access to a library of documents and resources that I trust and recommend for business growth and personal development.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it still a good time to invest in real estate?

I think any time is a good time to invest in real estate. And the reason being is that when you invest in real estate it’s all about the deal or the purchase and it’s about the long-term play. It’s never really about the short-term play, unless you’re flipping homes and then it really matters is whether or not it’s a good time to invest. So it also is going to matter, as far as what your goals are, as to whether or not now is a good time to buy properties.

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What is a mastermind?

It seems like the word “mastermind” means different things to different people. Often times, a “mastermind” has a moderator. The moderator is a person running the “mastermind” group and providing value to the group in order to help the group keep each other accountable, share ideas, collaborate, and help make their businesses better and even their personal lives better.

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Does the size of a rental property matter?

Why would you buy a 1,200 square foot rental versus a 3,000 square foot rental? For starters, a 3,000 square foot home in Buckeye, AZ might cost the same as a 1,200 square foot home in Phoenix, AZ.

In this second episode of “Purpose Driven Real Estate,” Paige and I discuss a valuable wealth building tip: understanding the size and location of a property in relation to the amount of rent that can be collected from it.

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What are the benefits of becoming a homeowner?

“I mean the benefit is that instead of going and renting something and paying somebody else, paying into somebody else’s mortgage– I am now paying my own mortgage,for now, paying my own mortgage. It is my asset. I get to keep it long term. And eventually, someone else is going to pay off that asset for me. And I will have– like you were saying– twenty-five, thirty years down the road a fully paid off home.”

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How do I buy a rental that’s owner occupied?

Buying a rental that’s owner-occupied? What does that mean?

Paige talks a little bit about that in her free course on home-buying, but this week’s episode provides a little “blurb” on the topic.

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Praise for Steve

“I’ve closed on three homes since that first sit down with Steve. Each of which being either directly or indirectly due to the guidance and advice Steve provided me. “

“The title of “The Limitless Project” is so fitting. After the first class my mind was opened to a whole new world of possibilities for me within Real Estate.”

“Being newer to Real Estate, I was concerned that this might be over my head. I was definitely WRONG! Steve put together in a logical sequence that made it really easy to follow and execute!!!”

“This class redefined how I look at the properties I view. My clients and my family we benefit so much from the 90 minutes a week that I spent in the course.”

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