Step into the realm of real estate mastery and entrepreneurial brilliance with Steve Valentine, real estate agent, and REAL ESTATE STRATEGIST!

Meet Steve

Welcome to my world—I go beyond the traditional notions of real estate. I used to be all about transactions, GCI, and competing for the top spot. Then, I discovered the true essence of a fulfilling career and satisfied clients… problem-solving. That realization changed everything.

I made the transition from selling to solving, this transformed not just my life, but also the lives of my family my clients and my career. Now, my passion lies in assisting others in achieving generational success. I’m here to guide you in the realms of Real Estate, Wealth, Life, and Legacy. Together, we’ll navigate the path to prosperity and leave a lasting impact for future generations. Get ready to rewrite the rules of success and embark on a journey that transcends the ordinary.


The Real Estate Revolution Podcast

Welcome to the Real Estate Revolution Podcast!  Hosted by Steve D. Valentine, a real estate entrepreneur and creative genius, this show is your gateway to breaking free from limiting beliefs and achieving your greatest wealth through real estate. From debunking myths to providing innovative strategies, Steve is here to revolutionize your real estate journey. Get ready to be inspired, educated, and challenged as you join the revolution of financial freedom. Let’s dive in and unlock your true potential!

REAL Brokerage

I have chosen to partner with REAL Broker! Allowing me to simply get the MOST out of my Broker. REAL has created a way to earn Passive income doing what I am already doing! Does your Broker offer you that? If you would like to know more, maybe we should set up a time to talk and you can learn more ways to earn income without having to add many more tasks to your already full plate!

"Limitless Real Estate Strategies"
Steve's book

Get ready to dive into some of the most EFFECTIVE Real Estate Strategies out there!

Steve’s thoughts on Real Estate, Wealth, Life & Legacy

What Are Steve's Clients Saying?

"Authentically himself, as real and raw as they come. He is relatable, humble, and always finds the best way to finalize the deal keeping everyone happy. He is a high caliper professional that will always meet you where you are at."
Kristi Isais
Real Estate Agent
"Steve is known for finding creative solutions for his clients to create the best possible outcome no matter the situation. He has a reputation of being fair, responsive and good-hearted and is embraced by his leaders, peers, and his clients!"
Carin Nguyen
Real Estate Team Leader
"Literally the way I approach/view my own path in real estate as both an agent and investor has been hugely impacted by what I’ve learned from Steve! I’ve been following Steve for years on his podcast and social media and have had the privilege of having strategy sessions with him. I’m beyond grateful for all I’ve learned from him!"
Shawn White
Real Estate Professional