Episode 7: What is a Mastermind?

This week’s episode on the Purpose Driven Real Estate Podcast, Paige and I discuss the typically-overused term “mastermind.” It seems like the word “mastermind” means different things to different people. Often times, a “mastermind” has a moderator. The moderator is a person running the “mastermind” group and providing value to the group in order to help the group keep each other accountable, share ideas, collaborate, and help make their businesses better and even their personal lives better. There are plenty of other definitions of mastermind, like…

A group that gets together for lunch monthly, quarterly, or annually.
A paid for group of entrepreneurs that is directed by a facilitator who arranges speakers topics, and content (most used version it seems like).
An online version, meet up, or traveling mastermind.
As simple as two people getting together brainstorming ideas and keeping each other accountable.

My experience of being in Chris Harder’s For the Love of Money Mastermind has truly challenged and changed my life both in real estate, as an influencer, a leader, and an entrepreneur. It has served a huge impact on my life because of the 30 entrepreneurs involved in this mastermind from fitness to technology to doctors to speakers to authors to network marketers to chiropractors. I don’t believe anyone is self made. Everyone needs a coach, an influence, a mentor, or a group that is bribing them to the next level.

Here is a quick list of high level masterminds to check out! You can find masterminds that range from $1,000 to $100,000!

– For the Love of Money by Chris Harder
– Greatness Mastermind by Lewis Howes
– My Home Group Mastermind
– Create & Captivate by Jaqueline Yvette

Who is your coach, your influence, your mentor, your group that is bringing you to the next level?

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