Episode 14: Wealthbuilding Tip: MLS vs. Off Market Investment Properties

Where do you find your investment property?

In today’s podcast episode, Paige and I are talking about buying investment properties and where to buy them. You’ll find out what the differences of buying on the MLS compared to buying off market. Depending on what kind of real estate investment and return you want is going to help you decide and determine where you should buy your real estate investment.

This episode will answer questions like theseā€¦

What’s the difference between the MLS and off market?
When would it be strategic to utilize a real estate agent and the MLS?
When is it strategic to find an off market investment property?
What’s going to give you the best return on your money?
How do you maximize your investment property using strategy?
How do you get the most equity? Does it matter where I purchase the investment property?

If you have had any questions about where to find your next investment property, this episode is a great resource! Listen here and don’t forget to leave us a review. If you have questions or you are curious about wealthbuilding topics, let us know!

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