Episode 13: Vacation Rentals (Featuring Don & Mary Tennessen)

Have you been thinking about turning your home into a vacation rental or maybe buying with the purpose of a vacation rental?

If yes, then this is the podcast episode for YOU! This week’s episode on the Purpose Driven Real Estate Podcast is all about VACATION RENTALS! We even have a special guest, Don Tennessen, who went through the entire process of purchasing his first vacation rental. We go through all of the following questions…

​Why would you even consider a vacation rental or rentals in general?

How do you know this is a good option for you personally and financially?

What is the difference in return between a vacation rental and a single family typical rental?

How do you figure out where to even start looking?

How do you choose where you want to purchase a vacation rental?

If you have had questions about the vacation rental business, this is a great start! After you listen here and of course leave us an honest review, contact me (click on my website link below) if you’re still interested in finding a vacation rental for you!

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